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Why CPA?

Becoming a CPA takes work and effort, but the benefits go far beyond job security and salary. You’re working to become an essential part of the business world.  Learn About Industries & Specializations here.  Watch a video here about FREE NVCPA memberships.

What's in it For you?

10-15% Higher Salary

Becoming a CPA is an investment. CPAs have the potential to boost their earnings by $1 million of their lifetime compared to a non-CPA in the same position.

22% Growth in Employment

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment for people with a CPA license is projected to grow by 22% between now and 2028.

1.3m and Growing

When you earn your CPA you become a member of a an exclusive worldwide community of over a million strong.

Find out how accounting is limitless!


Worth the Work

Becoming certified is a lot like getting a law license. It’s proof that you've mastered the vital elements of your profession through years of academic and technical training. As a CPA, you’ll also have access to jobs with higher authority and responsibility — and you’ll enjoy greater career stability. Best of all, being a CPA allows you to do meaningful work with highly motivated and multi-talented people. CPAs get to pick from highly-specialized job functions, ranging from auditing to information technology. You can pursue jobs that will let you travel internationally — or find opportunities to give back through work for non-profit organizations.