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A fellow is any individual who holds a certificate in good standing as a Certified Public Accountant of the State of Nevada or any other U.S. state, district or territory.

Partner/Shareholder/Sole Proprieter

$300 annually

Fellow Member: Licensed 4+ years

$250 annually

Fellow Member: Licensed 1-3 years

$180 annually

Fellow Member: First year of Licensure *

$50 annually

* To join at this level, please contact the Society at (775) 826-6800.


  • Those who have completed the academic requirements to become a CPA and are persuing further requirements necessary to become a CPA, including taking the CPA exam at least annually until all parts are passed;
  • Persons (other than CPAs) employed by the professional and/or administrative staff of a Fellow member;
  • Non-CPA instructors of accountancy in schools of collegiate standing;
  • Non-CPA owners of CPA firms

(Any associate member whose qualifications for membership no longer exist shall cease to be a member. Associate members may not vote or hold office.)

$130 annually


Includes any college student enrolled at a Nevada community/junior college or four-year college/university with an interest in pursuing a career in accounting, and who is not qualified for admission to any other class of membership in the Society. Student members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of membership except they cannot vote or hold office. (Inactive members do not have voting privileges and cannot hold office. All other benefits apply.)

$25 annually