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The IRS is Hiring

The IRS has multiple career opportunities in multiple departments. The IRS is an Equal Opportunity Employer, with strong pay and good benefits.

Date Posted

November 29, 2022


Full Time Job


Multiple cities and states, NV

Examination, Collection, Compliance

Examination: In Examination, you conduct examinations of SB/SE taxpayers to ensure compliance with tax laws. Some of our most common positions are listed below: Internal Revenue Agent Job Series 0512 As a Revenue Agent you will be responsible for conducting examinations of individuals and businesses to determine Federal tax liability at the taxpayer’s residences and/or place of business. You will be responsible for planning and conducting examinations in a field environment, which will require you to travel. You will regularly work with taxpayers, their representatives, certified public accountants, and tax attorneys. Revenue Agents have a GS-5/7/9/11/12 career ladder — which means they can enter at any qualified level and advance to grade 12 without further competition; higher grades are available competitively (Grades 13 & 14). Tax Specialist (Tax Compliance Officer) Job Series 0526 As a Tax Specialist (Tax Compliance Officer) you’ll audit financial records of individuals and businesses to determine that the proper taxes have been assessed. Internal and external customers will come to you for tax law and tax-related accounting educational assistance. You will advise taxpayers of their rights as defined in the examination and appeal guidelines, the actual examination procedures, and an explanation of current tax and reporting responsibilities and the importance and benefit of meeting future responsibilities. Tax Specialists have a GS-5/7/9 career ladder — which means they can enter as a grade 5 and advance to a grade 9 without further competition and can later compete for higher grades. Collection In Collection, you’ll secure delinquent tax returns and collect delinquent taxes through fair and equitable application of the tax laws – protecting and promoting public confidence in the American tax system. Extensive travel will be required during the first two years of training. Internal Revenue Officer Job Series 1169 As a Revenue Officer, you’ll be trained in both tax law and collection techniques necessary to collect delinquent taxes and delinquent tax returns (where taxpayers have failed to file tax returns). Your duties will involve conducting research, interviews, investigations, and analysis of financial information for your assigned cases, often at the taxpayer’s home or business. You will be expected to go to the taxpayer’s residences and/ or place of business. You will counsel taxpayers on their obligations and determine how they can best resolve their delinquencies, while also ensuring that their rights are protected. Revenue Officers have a GS-5/7/9/11 career ladder — which means they can enter at any qualified grade level and advance to the next grade up to the grade 11 level without further competition and can later compete for higher grades (Grades 12 & 13). Collection Representative Job Series 0962 As a Collection Representative you will provide overthe- phone technical assistance to individuals and businesses throughout the country, in a dynamic call center environment. You will apply the tax code while addressing a wide range of issues to assist taxpayers in understanding and meeting their tax responsibilities and ensure compliance with filing and payment of federal tax. You will review financial statement, determine ability to pay, establish payment arrangements, and initiate liens/levies. Collection Representatives have a career ladder progression to grade 8 — which means they enter at grade 5 and advance to a grade 8 without further competition and can later compete for higher grades. Higher graded lead and supervisory positions are available to experienced Collection Representatives, which are competitively announced.

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