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Update 12-23-2019 IRS Telephone Directory for Practitioners

December 23, 2019

Click here for the NEW IRS Practitioner Directory!

The purpose of the IRS Telephone Directory for Practitioners is to assist members of the practitioner community as they attempt to resolve issues or concerns without circumventing normal channels that exist. Please note this information is only intended for tax professionals and is not to be shared with individual…

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IRS Resources for Tax Professionals

November 26, 2019

Recent communication with our IRS Stakeholder Liaison have identified two areas of difficulty for tax professionals. 1) Difficulty finding IRS phone numbers on and 2)Unfamiliarity with the Appeals process.

Marc Zine from the IRS has provided documents to address these issues. Click…

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IRS Udpate

October 4, 2019

The IRS has provided updated information on the following topics:

Identity Protect Personal Identification Number (IP PIN) expanding in phases 

Tax law questions timeframe extended

Form W-2 Verification Code pilot discontinued

Click here to read the complete notice…

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IRS tax transcript availability

August 14, 2019

The IRS has updated some content to clarify issues regarding changes to the tax transcript distribution methods. As you may recall, in lieu of faxing tax transcripts, we will send certain transcripts into practitioners’ e-Services secure mailbox. However, there is a time limit for those transcripts to be available in your…

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Tax Security 2.0 The Taxes-Security-Together Checklist

August 14, 2019

All tax professionals should take stock of security measures used to protect client data. Tax practitioners remain high-value targets of cybercriminals seeking to steal sensitive tax information, so they can file fraudulent returns. Whether a one-person shop or partner in a large firm, everyone should take steps to protect their clients and their…

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