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Treasury to pull regulations after review of burdensome tax rules

October 5, 2017

The Treasury Department announced Wednesday that it will pull several tax regulations identified as burdensome under President Donald Trump's Executive Order 13789, including the proposed Sec. 2704 regulations that would limit valuation discounts for estate, gift, and generation-skipping transfer tax purposes…

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IRS E-Services Update

September 28, 2017

The IRS, on Sept. 21, updated tax practitioner organization on planned changes that will affect all e-Services users this summer and fall.

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6 Ways to Up Your Networking Game

April 3, 2017

I used to be afraid of networking. As an avowed introvert with a moderate case of shyness, too often I would pass up opportunities to meet and connect with people. Much later in life I would discover that networking was an acquired skill and was well within my…

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AICPA Emerging Partner Training Forum

March 28, 2017

If your sights are set on the partnership track or you’ve just begun the journey, the AICPA Emerging Partner Training Forum is the ideal event to define the next phase of your career.

Current practitioners and experts in effective firm leadership, convened in a roundtable setting, will share practical examples, best practices and insights you can apply right away. This collegial environment fosters conversation with peers who share your interests. You’ll walk away from the forum with an expanded network of colleagues and a road map for ongoing…

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